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How we empower and inspire young women to reach their potential.

Through cutting edge resource programs, workshops, mentorships and life lessons, young ladies are challenged to reach their highest potential and become the successful, well-rounded “Lady” they were created to be.


The LadyLike Foundation holds many events throughout the year. Events include; LadyLike Day at UCLA, Neiman Marcus Lunch and Shop Day, Lady Like Annual Mother and Daughter Tea Party, Life and Style Workshops, and Girl Talk meetings. All girls ages are invited to join in on our events. If the event is for a certain age group the invite will specify which age group is appropriate to attend.

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We have so much fun during our workshops & classes. We’ve have cooking classes, etiquette classes, tea parties, college application workshops, academic workshops, life skill lessons, and our famous “Girl Talk” sessions where we talk about real issues, ask real questions, and get real answers.

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Each year the LadyLike Foundation awards 5 young ladies with scholarships ranging from $1000.00 to $2,500.00. These young ladies go through an application process where they have to complete an essay, turn in 3 letters of recommendation, present their resume, and transcripts. The young ladies must also have a 3.5 GPA and show proof of the college they are attending in the fall.

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LadyLike Foundation In Africa

The LadyLike Foundation supports orphans in the Obosomso Orphanage in Obuasi, Ghana by giving them clothes, and hygiene products. The LadyLike Foundation also partnered with the McCoy Memorial Baptist Church to build a bathroom and shower house on the orphanage grounds for the children. This is the first wash house to ever be built in their village.

This year the LadyLike Foundation sponsored three orphans to attend boarding school, which houses, feeds, and clothes their students. This school places their students on a platform for success ensuring that they will one day attend college and become successful in their country.

The LadyLike in Africa
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