2011 LadyLike Foundation Scholarship Luncheon

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The LadyLike 4th Annual Women's Scholarship Luncheon

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4th Annual Women's Scholarship Luncheon

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The LadyLike Girls

We are proud of our LadyLike girls who presented the awards at our Scholarship Luncheon.

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LadyLike Events

Please enjoy these images from past LadyLike events.

LadyLike Tea

LadyLike Cooking School

LadyLike Fun

LadyLike Princess Day

The LadyLike Group

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"What do you while waiting on the Lord?"

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Etiquette is more important than ever in today's world. Each month, we share tips with you to ensure you are truly LadyLike in all areas of your life.

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Glam Tip of the Month

Each month we share tips on how you can glam it up so you look great and feel confident about yourself.

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Health & Fitness Tip of the Month

To be LadyLike, it is so important to care of yourself. We offer tips each month to remind you to take care of you.

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Memory Verse

Each month, we share a verse to empower and inspire you.

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LadyLike Mission Statement
The LadyLike Foundation, Inc. is a faith-based organization that serves to promote inner virtue and femininity in every aspect of a woman’s life. The LadyLike Foundation, Inc. offers cutting edge resource programs that prepare, empower, awaken, and inspire women of all ages to reach their God-given potential and become well-rounded professionals in a competitive society.


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