Colors for fall:

This is a season of untypical colors-more expressive of the imagination and creativity, which makes for an artful collection of colors and combinations not bound by the usual colors for fall.


Ankle Boots!

Strike the perfect balance between breezy and Tom-boyish with a pair of ankle boots. Whether you pick up a flat or heeled pair, they’re great to wear all year!

ankleboots2      ankleboots1



When the temperature drops, the ideal way to warm up is with a cozy, blanket-like sweater. Thank goodness for a retro revival! Now it’s totally acceptable to throw on an over-sized, nubby knit that you may or may not have just taken a nap in or borrowed from your grandmother.



Wide-Brim Hat!

Bad hair day? No problem! Look Rolling-Stones-retro and tame those unruly locks with a wide-brim hat!

sign2   hat1