As a developing young lady, one of the most important and scary things to purchase are…undergarments.  

Yes, undergarments. No one likes to hear, “hey! Your bra is showing.”, because you mistakenly in a rush put on your favorite Polka dot bra with a white blouse.  Embarrassing, we know.

Picking the correct undergarments can be overwhelming! As you mature into a lady, you learn the importance of wearing the correct undergarments. Undergarments can either make or break your wardrobe.  Your first impression should be a lasting one and we at Ladylike are here to give you some helpful advice and tools on picking your correct undergarments.

Oprah Winfrey once did a study and discovered that 80% of women do not know their correct bra size. This shocking research is what led her to begin a bra intervention. Going into a store and asking to be sized by a stranger can be awkward and scary. It’s very easy to get stuck on the letters and numbers.  

Our first piece of advice is to take a parent with you. If you are unable to take your parent with you, do not worry, see our tips below.

  • When bra shopping, make sure to try on the bra with a light t-shirt over so that you can determine the true fit.
  • There are two parts to determining your bra size—the band size, which is the measurement around the ribcage. The band size is the number part of the bra. The other is the cup size, which gives support and comfort to the breasts. These are indicated by letters like, A B and C. The letters follow the size numbers. For example: 32A, 34B or 38C.
  • The bra is considered too tight if it creates a mark on your skin, and the cup is considered to big if it creates a fold. If the bra is hooked on the tightest hook and you can still move around, consider resizing.
  • The band of the bra should go straight across your back and parallel to the floor.
  • When wearing white or light colored clothing, wear either nude or black undergarments.
  • Wearing the incorrect bra size can lead to many health problems, such as: Inadequate support, tissue scarring, bad body posture, skin problems, and stretching of the breast ligaments which can cause sagging.   



Your undergarments should be dictated by what clothing you put on to wear

5 Essential undergarment bras every girl should own:

A t-shirt bra: This bra works for all body types. A t-shirt bra has a seamless contour cup that is designed to give a smooth appearance under tight or lightweight fabrics. It also provides shaping benefits without a bulky look. A t-shirt bra is the ideal comfort bra for everyday wear.

An Underwire bra: Underwire bras are known to give great shape, proper support and a lift to the breasts. This bra is ideal if you have larger breast. Recently studies have been found metal underwire bras  to be linked to breast pain, mastitis and allergies because of the direct skin’s contact with the metal wire when they become old. To avoid this discomfort, look for an underwire bra that is made with plastic instead of metal.  The underwire should sit snug against your chest.

A Sports bra:  Ideal for an active girl. This bra should secure your chest giving a bounce-free fit. Your sports bra should not flatten your chest or rise up while exercising.  

A Convertible bra: For homecoming your dress may be strapless or halter, a convertible bra has detachable straps to allow several wearing options.  It’s like having four bras in one! You can remove the straps to make it strapless, leave one strap to wear with a halter, or crisscross the straps if you are wearing a shirt with a racer-back.  

A Camisole with Bra cups:  Who remembers being in the awkward stage where you could not wear a shirt without support, but bras still did not fit you. The solution is purchasing a camisole with a built in bra. This also works for if you put on a low cut top or a sheer one, you can add the camisole underneath.  

Always remember a bra that fits correctly will lift the bust and improve your posture!